'Luggate Ecosystem' A3 Print

  • 'Luggate Ecosystem' A3 Print

High quality A3 print of the original acrylic on 600mm diameter round panel painting - 'Superb Blue Wrens' 2020 by Anna Priluka. Print dimensions 420mm x 29.7mm (A3 size)

- When my studio gets too hot in summer, I often take my painting down to a shady spot on the bank of the Clutha River. The land there is highly modified - overrun by introduced rabbits, there are few native species to be seen, aside from the odd flax, matagouri and piwakawaka flitting through the trees.

Yet the land there also has its own kind of beauty, and there is no doubt that many of the introduced species now abundant in Central Otago are here to stay. Most of the plants here are extremely hardy colonising species that are the first to start growing on bare ground. Reproducing quickly and profusely they live relatively short lives. Perhaps eventually they will pave the way for a longer lived, more diverse ecosystem - in the meantime there is joy in the shade of the willows and the buzz of the insects amongst the flowers. -

All prints have excellent archival properties and are printed on 300gsm, 100% post consumer waste recycled stock* with vegetable based inks. Each is individually signed and monogrammed and comes with a thick board backing, information and enclosed in a cellophane bag for protection. Shipped flat in recycled cardboard packaging.

* please be aware that because the prints are made on 100% recycled post consumer waste stock, very tiny flecks may be present on some of the paper. I enjoy the natural look this gives and feel it is much preferable to printing on paper made from old-growth forest pulp!

Thanks :)